WorldWide Financial System Solutions (WFSS) is a well-established company in the Financial Technology
Worldwide Financial System Solutions (WFS) is a corporation comprised of several subsidiaries. It was founded with the purpose of transforming the potential of information technologies into value for its customers by developing and integrating innovative solutions to meet the needs of financial institutions globally. 

WFS serves clients in different market segments, with a range of differentiated products and services. It is recognized by customers in Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean, as the preferred technology solutions provider, because of their knowledge of financial business, responsibility for all your actions and the value provided by professionals in the integration of various products and mission critical services for financial institutions. 

Through the years WFS has consolidated a portfolio of solutions, now combined in various suites: Business Financial Management; Banking and payments; Managing business processes; Security and control; Infrastructure, Integration and Management. Within these integrated solutions suites Core Banking & Financial, specializes applications Switch (EFT), Card Management System (CMS), Card Printing, Origination & Scoring, Internet & Mobile Banking, Anti-Fraud, Compliance, BPM, Document Management Security & Encryption, Tokenization, among others. 

Specialized human resources, technologies and world-class processes, are the cornerstones of WFS business model and its main competitive advantages. It has a commercial structure and support in countries of America, consisting of the headquarters in Florida (USA), with offices in Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela, and a growing network of Business Partners in Africa America and the Caribbean.

Payment Channels

Experience of many years in the Payment Processing, EFT Switch integrating multiple devices (ATMs, POS, Cash Registers, EMV, etc.). In addition, certifying the different "Brands" and adding new models like the "Correspondent Banking", Prepaid, Gift.

Card Issuance and Administration

We offer a solution that provides card issuance and lifecycle management (bank & acquirer), supporting multiple cards and marketing campaigns, integrating two complementary technological parts: Claim and Printing Plastics.

Anti-Fraud - Data Security

We offer a range of technology and process solutions on anti-fraud transactional, operational and money laundering, as well as internal fraud. Also, software and hardware solutions for data encryption.

Business Process Modeling

We have integrated the Portfolio a BPM solution to handle lifecycle of key business processes, easing the connection with other systems to share data and visibility into the organization.